Estimated Semester Cost

Costs are a projected estimation based on average expenses for a 12 credit semester.  Actual costs will be dependent on class schedule, meal and housing selections, personal, and travel expenses.

2016/2017 Estimated Costs:

Tuition and Fees $2784.00
Room $2600
Books & Supples $804
Meals $3000
Personal Expenses $1000
Travel $900
Total $11,088




Students must check with the financial aid office at their parent institution to determine if they will be eligible to receive federally-based aid while attending KBC. Your financial aid office will want to know that Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on colleges and Universities and is Title IV eligible. KPC's federal OPE ID is: 011402, University of Alaska Anchorage. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that attending a different university for a semester will not violate the admission's policy at the parent institution.

National Student Exchange

The University of Alaska Anchorage's Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College is a participating member of the National Student Exchange, a program for undergraduate exchange within the United States. Interested students must contact their home university for application procedures and timelines. National Exchange programs are first come, first served, so speak to your advisor right away!