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Meet Molly

Student kneels proudly in front of partially articulated whale sketon

Meet Jamie

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What Do Our Students Say?

"Having the opportunity to perform a necropsy of an orca calf was a once in a lifetime experience. I was able to work alongside biologists who are profound in their field and I was able to learn so much! I loved being able to have a hands-on experience. My favorite part was being able to see the thickness of the blubber and muscle layers in the orca!"

Alayna, St. Francis University

Student with scalpel in full rain-gear

"From responding to my very first sea otter call to flying to Sitka for WhaleFest, from seeing my first glacier to being able to perform a necropsy on a killer whale...all of it has been absolutely incredible."

Molly, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Student kneels proudly in front of partially articulated whale skeleton

"I was welcomed by all the professors and advisors at the campus and really by the whole town. Homer is a friendly town in general and if you stay long enough everyone gets to know your name."

Stephen, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Student with professor in protective gear

"Not only am I completely honored to be a part of the stranding program in Alaska, but being able to participate in such a rare learning experience like an orca calf necropsy is quite humbling. Not many young scientists get these same opportunities while in school so hands-on experience is a critical skill set for the future."

Jamie, University of North Carolina Wilmington

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"KBC's Semester by the Bay program reignited my passion for the ocean and for learning. The knowledge, skills, experiences, connections, friendships, and sense of independence that I gained were once in a lifetime and incomparable to what I was getting out of my 4-year college. It became home, and I cannot wait to get back.!"

Nicole, University of Alaska Anchorage

Student kneeling in wet sand holding large specimen

"Spending a semester in Homer, Alaska was one of the best academic decisions I have made. Not only were the class sizes small, we were constantly having class out in Kachemak Bay, learning research techniques used by marine biologists and ornithologists."

Mary, University of Alaska Anchorage

Student and professor examine a puzzle of bones