Fall Courses

Fall 2020 Anticipated Course Schedule*

BIOL A124 - Skeleton Articulation, 2cr

The preparation of marine mammal & seabird skeletons for museum-quality display. Introduces basic materials and general techniques for excavating, cleaning, collecting data from, and articulating marine vertebrates. Note: The Fall 2019 Semester projects may include a harbor porpoise.

BIOL A430—Marine Mammal Biology with Lab, 4cr

An introduction to the biology and ecology of marine mammals, with an emphasis on understanding how marine mammals are adapted to their habitat, and the roles that they play in the marine ecosystem. Includes field studies boat trip.

BIOL A490 - Behavioral Ecology of Marine Mammals, 3cr

Course description coming soon!

BIOL A495A—Internship in the Biological Sciences, 3cr

Professional work experience in appropriate areas of the biological sciences. Open to qualified students receiving faculty recommendation, and as placements are available.

STAT A308 - Intermediate Statistics for the Sciences, 3cr

This class will build your familiarity with statistical tools used to analyze data in a variety of disciplines but geared towards marine mammal sciences while providing experience reading and understanding marine mammal studies based on data analysis. Topics include experimental design, selecting and assessing a model, multiple regression, multifactor analysis of variance, and categorical data analysis. These topics are explored using a major statistical software to give you a leg up when applying for future internships and positions.

Additional Course Offerings of Interest:

ART A100 - Scientific Illustration, 1cr

Introduces basic techniques and teaches basic methods for creating a publishable quality illustration of a biological specimen.

BIOL A 124 - Mycology, 1 cr

Field Mycology is designed to provide an introduction, rather than an in-depth and lab-oriented, taxonomic review to the fungi of Alaska from all six Alaskan physiographic regions. It is intended to whet your appetite for knowing more about the third Kingdom, the Fungi (Myceteae), within Alaska. Substantial emphasis is placed on fungal ecology, their biological significance and the relationships demonstrated by the fungi, and with a particular emphasis on mushrooms, toadstools, and other closely related organisms once considered as fungi; i.e., aquatic molds and slime molds.


*Kenai Peninsula College reserves the right to cancel, to combine, to change the name of the instructor, time, date, or place of a class, and to make other revisions in class offerings which may become necessary, and to do so without incurring obligation.