Fall Courses

Fall 2023 Course Schedule*

BIOL A325 -  Advanced Marine Skeletal Articulation, 2cr

Introduces the preparation of marine skeletons for museum-quality display and three-dimensional augmented reality atlases. Introduces basic anatomy, form and function, as well as materials and general techniques for excavating, cleaning, collecting data from and articulating marine vertebrates. Atlas construction focuses on comparative anatomy.

BIOL A430—Marine Mammal Biology, 3cr

Introduces the biology and ecology of marine mammals, with an emphasis on understanding how marine mammals are adapted to their habitat, and the roles that they play in marine ecosystems.

BIOL A432 - Experiential Learning: Marine Mammal Biology, 2cr

Introduces the theory and practice in the scientific study of marine mammal biology. Emphasis on understanding their adaptations and roles in marine ecosystems. Students survey live and dead marine mammals in nearshore environments, conduct research and share data in areas such as anatomy, diving physiology, habitat use, group composition, reproduction, and interspecific interactions, including those with humans.

BIOL A458 - Behavioral Ecology of Marine Mammals, 3cr

Introduces the proximate and ultimate causes of the behavioral ecology of marine mammals using an evolutionary approach. Focus on social behavior, animal communication, feeding and anti-predatory behavior, habitat selection, territoriality, reproductive behavior, mating systems, parental care, and adaptations in specific taxa. Methodology, natural and anthropogenic challenges, and marine conservation are highlighted throughout.

BIOL A459 - Experiential Learning: Behavioral Ecology of Marine Mammals, 2cr

Introduces the theory and practice in field and lab on topics related to marine mammal behavioral ecology with focus on Alaskan species. Students conduct research and present findings in areas such as habitat use, social behavior, group dynamics, foraging ecology, predator avoidance, communication, sensory systems, reproductive behavior, mating systems and parental care. methodology, natural and anthropogenic challenges, adaptations and marine conservation highlighted.


BIOL A492 - Undergraduate Seminar: Semester by the Bay, 1cr

Offered in conjunction with KPC's Semester by the Bay program. Introduces the exploration of current and emerging ideas and findings across the biological sciences, with an emphasis on critique of the primary literature. The course will use readings from the primary literature to illustrate scientific methods, experimental design, and applied statistics in biology. The course will also build and refine students' scientific writing and communication skills, and sharpen analytical thinking and scientific creativity.

BIOL A495A—Internship in the Biological Sciences, 3cr

Professional work experience in appropriate areas of the biological sciences. Open to qualified students receiving faculty recommendation, and as placements are available.


*Kenai Peninsula College reserves the right to cancel, combine, to change the name of the instructor, time, date, or place of a class, and to make other revisions in class offerings which may become necessary, and to do so without incurring obligation.